Site History

The Kristin Website with a lot of the content that it still has today was founded back in November 2004 by Leah. The original webmiss started and created a beautiful Kristin fansite. After a while things changed in her private life and she felt she couldn’t give the fans anymore what she wanted to give. So she gave the site and the content to a dear friend who continued her work.

Who also made and continued a wonderful website. At the beginning of 2006 this webmiss also felt that she couldn’t continue like she once did, so she gave the site up for adoption, I responded.

This dear friend of mine as well, gave me the content of what that website was at that point. Since March 2006 I’m trying to bring you the latest and the greatest on Kristin!

Since August 2006 Leah is back with also a wonderful fan site for Mrs. Richardson! So Kristin had two great fansites!

To gather all the Kristin Fans together we started a Kristin Forum in October 2006. We are proud to say that, within the month after we opened the Forum Leah became a Moderator at the Forum as well!
Because of personal reasons Leah stopt with Kristin Online. The url( she had since 2004 is now part of Leah didn’t want it to go away and I decided to buy it, so I could continue her work under the already well know url.

In 2008 we closed the Kristin Richardson Online Forum because of inactivity. We now have a place in the Backstreet Forums.

Hopefully this story will take away a lot of questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me about it.

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