Quotes by Kristin

“Aww my giggling girls” – Kristin on October 4 2003 in London.

“Yeah get him drunken, he is funnier then” – Kristin about Kevin to a fan on his Birthday.

“I am incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon a piece of work that is so heartfelt and inspiring. Kelly is a passionate role with an inner struggle we can all relate to: independent versus needy, strong versus insecure, love versus hate, and right versus wrong. I cannot wait to dive into her journey.” -Kristin on her role in suopernatural.

Right…um, not in the near future, but we definitely plan on having some and we both are really looking forward to it.” -Kristin talking about her and Kevin’s future kids

“I ll be wearing a big black wig. I play a heavy-metal band groupie in [the movie] So You Want to Be a Rock n Roll Star (aka Rock Star), “- Kristin talking about her role in Rockstar movie.