By Josh Becker:

“…It was completely and utterly my pleasure to work with Kristin Richardson, who’s a doll, and a pro. Too bad she’s married to that Backstreet Boy (who also couldn’t have been nicer)…”

By Stephen Herek:

“…Coming up are the two groupies, ewhm one of them here name is Kristin Willits, she is actually married to one of the Backstreet Boys. She is the one on the left with the dark hair, she actually has blond hair by the way. I’m not sure witch one Mr. Back she married to, but anyways they are married…”
“… they we’re a lot of fun to work with…”
“… Kristin and Carry once again getting back stage passes …”

By husband Kevin:

“thats´s my baby” – Kevin when showed him a pic of Kristin in London October 3rd 2003.

“she’s really shy, so I’ve tried to shelter her from the spotlight as much as possible, ” he says. “I came into the hotel the other day and fans outside told me they met my wife and she was so nice and sweet. I said, ‘That’s my girl!”

“there’s a peace knowing you’ve got somebody who will love you no matter how many records you sell.”

“our schedule’s tough and Kristin’s busy too, but we work round that. Kristin comes with us a lot, so we see each other as much as possible”

“my wife knew me before any of this happened.”

“Once we started touring and stuff, we’ve broken up several times, but she’s my friend. She’s a friend, and she’s also a hot fan. So, I feel like I’m very lucky. I got a hot fan, beautiful person, and a hot sexy wife. She’s hot, she’s beautiful, she’s sexy. And she’s a good person on the inside. Which is most important. Because when we get older and the materialistic, outside, exterior starts to crumble. She’s still got that beautiful heart”.

“My wife’s roomate had a boyfriend who was also the limo driver for the boys who first were in the group and their manager, so that’s how I got to meet them. ”

“I was working as Aladdin for Disney, and I went to see the show Beauty & the Beast. Kristin was playing ‘Belle’ in that show, and when I saw her dancing, I asked her out. That was 11 years ago! “

CD – Thank You’s

1997 – In his 1st album Thank Yous, Kevin says, “I wanna say waz up to all my boys & girls,. . . . . ., and especially Jimbo, Keith & Kristin-my best friends ”

1999 – In his “Millennium” Thank Yous, Kevin says, “To my family: Mom, Jerald, Tim, Tracy, Papaw, Ena, Mamaw and Kristin-I love you all so much ”

2001 – In his “Black & Blue” Thank Yous, Kevin says, ” To my lover, my friend and my buddy to end. I’m so proud to call you mine. Kristin, you’re my wife, baby! I love you. ”

2005 – In his “Never Gone” Thank Yous, Kevin says, ” I saved the best for last. My best friend, my love, my life, she is my wife. Kristin, thank you baby for giving me everything you’ve got every day. I love you! “